Lampeter-Strasberg School District

How can we create space suit capable of sustaining the human body on Mars?
In the context of looking for the best problem to address, we will study human anatomy and physiology. We will do research to see what systems already exist and what problems need to be addressed further. The team will review the ecological support needed by a suit to deal with temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and human waste in the context of supporting an astronaut on Mars.
At the completion of this phase, the team will focus on one or two new ideas that could improve the design of an existing system or new invention to improve survivability or other needed activity.

The team will do what is required for it to function in extraterrestrial environments, and what engineering principles and designs are necessary to begin to solve the main IDEA that emerges in the first phase of this project. The team will brainstorm ideas, draw designs, and create prototypes of components of this spacesuit along with contact with NASA engineers out of Dover, Delaware.

Actual testing of the IDEA prototype solution will be tested in a lab, or volunteer setting, and possibly with professional mentor engineers or NASA staff. A complete spacesuit is unlikely to be a deliverable given budget, time, and complexity issues.

The process will be assessed, including how much learning occurred by the students that are engaged as STEM Pioneers with pre and post testing. The process of using the IDEA and what helped it be successfully completed or what were barriers to be overcome for future STEM Pioneers. The technology itself will be tested with scientific method and engineering rigor to identify successful solution of the problem and future issues to address to make it Marstronaut ready.

Ideas and designs will be shared with contacts at NASA and any other further publication that the team chooses to pursue. Our student experience will be shared at the 2020 National Scholars Day event in May.

Back(L-R): Alyssa Zaepfel, Sean McClary, Anthony Milazzo, Andrew Wittemann
 Front(L-R): Amy Vidal, Liana Howe, Andrew Bliss, Luke Brodersen, Nate Royer
Not Pictured: Allyson Diehl, Lauren Imhof, Lander Holsinger, Nasya Warfel, Josh Horst, Kiley Turner

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